New old tools

I bought some new-to-me old tools this past weekend skulking around a local consignment shop.  One large chisel and 3 wood molding planes.  I haven’t gotten adept at finding estate sales or yard sale finds yet, maybe because Sat mornings have been filled with yard work or motorcycle riding or gardening.  So I probably overpaid, but they seemed liked quality tools and I’ve been hankering to try out traditional moldings using just hollows and rounds.

First the chisel, a socket Stanley.  Not knowing much about old chisels, all I can say is it not an Everlasting.  I have some cheapo Irwin (modern) chisels that do well enough for now, but I d0 not have one this width, 1.5″. It is roughly 1 foot long (which, of course, is dependent on how much sharpening was done in the past), and the handle is about 3 5/8″ from the edge of the socket to the end.  Model 750?  720?  Defiance? I dunno.

I started working on flatting the back by the edge.

Close-ups of the logo and ‘Made in the USA’.

On to the wooden molding planes, 3 rounds.  Two by Marten Doscher (NY) and one by Bensen & Crannell (Albany).  They didn’t have the mating hollows so I figure I can either try to find some that are similar, or attempt to make some and use these rounds to profile them to match.

Marten Doscher 3/8 r.  At least I believe so, that is the most prominent maker’s stamp, but there is another one that is very faint that I can’t read., “Ree…New York”.  See below as the other Doscher round has a more readable stamp that looks to be the same.

Marten Doscher 1/2 R, though it also has a “10” stamp, and (strangely) a 3/4.  Again I believe this is the maker, but on this one I can also read “Reed & Auerbacher (Bowery New York)”.  Perhaps Marten Doscher was a previous owner or a re-seller or vice-versa?  Most owner stamps I’ve seen don’t mention city or state, but I am no expert by any stretch. Ahh, after searching and searching some more, it seems that Reed & Auerbacher was a hardware store that resold Doscher planes. According to this post, many Doscher planes had hardware store imprints. Also according to that site, Marten Doscher was active from 1879 to 1894.

The third is a Bensen & Crannell (Albany) 3/4r, though it also has a stamp “12”.  I’m wondering if the 3/4 R stamp was added by a previous owner.  Unlike the other two, the iron also has most of a makers stamp on it “-HREYSVILLE MFG WARRANTEDCASTSTEE” My research suggests it is probably Humphreysville MFG Warranted Cast Steel.

The heel ends of all three

Toe end.

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  1. Peggy

     /  June 26, 2011

    Hi Joe, your blog is wonderful. What a great idea!
    We have a good number of old tools at my mom’s house and some at the camp. My mom is interested in passing these on to someone who could use and appreciate them. I’m not sure they would be of use to you (they may be more carpentry then woodworking) but I know they include some planes, key hole saws, levels, and who knows. Most likely they were my great grandfather’s – or that is my mother’s guess. We believe he was a carpenter. We have two (of his?) big wooden tool boxes in the basement. If you have any interest in having a peek, let me know. We’re overdue for a visit and this might be a good excuse!

    • Hey Peg! glad you could stop by and check out my bloviating, um, blogging. 🙂 Wow, I’d be honored to take a look at the old tools. Yes, we do need to get together. I still need to head up to NH and check out your historic new england houses.


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