Day 1, ‘By Hammer and Hand’

The first day of the week long class is in the bag.  We spent the morning going over sharpening for chisels and plane blades, then did some practice.  We then started in on the Moxon double-screw dovetailing vise by face planing the front and rear chop, and clamp attachment.  We then cut the holes for the front and rear chop, and then tapped the rear chop, and cut the wooden screw threads.  Finally we started shaping the screw handles, but it was getting late and I headed hope after completing one of the two screw handles.

I took a few pics but haven’t uploaded them yet.  I sometimes get a little too focused in class and forget to take pictures of my progress on the various parts.

Here’s the picture of my tools all packed up, ready for transport.  Saw bag, a cheap tool bag for my chisels and small hand tools (gauges, dividers, etc), and an antique toolbox for my planes.

Before the storm.

Schwarz blog entry on our first day.

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  1. John

     /  August 13, 2011

    Dude you are in the Schwartz’s video blog entry making a drill press cut and gluing something up

  2. I think I am in all the videos including tonight’s Lost Art Press blog. I was kind of the class clown (big surprise, huh?). The day 2 one is pretty funny.


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