Day 2, By Hammer and Hand

We started off the day by finishing up our work from the day before, which for me meant completing the octagonal handles for the vise.  Here I am taking the corners off one of the handles.  We used our dividers to split the square top of the handle in 1/3’rds, then used a 45 deg combo square to connect the thirds.  I didn’t make mine exactly an octagon, but rather a sort of octagon-like polygon, with the corners of the square cut off.

I also managed to crunch the threads on the end of one of my vises handles between the bench dog and end vise.

It doesn’t really affect the performance of the vise.  Here I am camfering the ends of the handles using one of Chris Schwarz’ Auriou rasps.  Works great and is quite clean

And here is the completed Moxon vise, ready to go to work and help me with saw practice.

We also created a combo shooting board and bench hook using some baltic birch ply.  Here maestro Schwarz shows us how impressive the baltic birch is.

Glue up where the panels want to squirm around sometimes takes a few extra hands.  Gordon and Al working on Al’s shooting board.

Mine completed and ready to tweak, which sure looked easy when Chris demonstrated but which took a long while of test cut, check, adjust with a shoulder plane, repeat.

We then had a whole lot of saw instruction, including the history of saws, all the various properties of pitch, rake, fleam, and set.  It was a lot of information, but a lot of very useful information.  I think with a little bit of practice, the mystery and fear of saw sharpening is now a thing of the past.  After the theory, we got some practice sawing straight lines using our dovetail saw.  We first would do it ‘bad’ (with specific instructions), then CS would give us the quality instructions and we’d try again.  At first I was a drifting a little to the right of vertical when sawing, but after the good instructions and more practice, I was able to get to vertical cuts and splitting the line.  We also tried doing cuts without any lines, just the reflection in the sawplate.  These I kept vertical but square to the face took a bit of tries.

If I can figure how to post up some videos, I have a few of Snr Schwarz lecturing, sawing, and giving us class instruction.  Meanwhile here are few of him and other classmates working.

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  1. John

     /  August 12, 2011

    I can remember my grandfather teaching me to cut with a saw cross and rip cuts which I did okay. I did an excellent job pounding nails which he bragged about to his friends at the lunch counter. Heady stuff for a 5-7 year old.


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