Day 4, By Hammer and Hand, dovetails and glue up

We got to class and basically just dove right into our work.  We all knew what had to be done and how to do it.  I cut the finally three sides of dovetails, and had various problems with each one, but with some help I was able to get them OK.  Not great, not front-cover worthy, but the best ones I’ve ever done in hardwood.

Until I get the rabbeting plane technique down, I think that part of the DTs actually caused me more fitment problems than anything.  If that rabbet is just a bit sloped (which mine often were) then you get those gaps on the pin side, so I had to really check that before trying to fit the two boards.  Another area I needed work on was the ‘hump’ from my chisel work on the pin end grain, so on suggestion of another classmate, I used my small square to check that before fitting.

My last pin board waiting for my dovetail saw to cut the pin edges, and my fret saw to take out most of the wast between pins.  I’ve done DTs just using a chisel, but using the fret saw really does cut down on the chisel work.  Which for me takes the most time.

We got a demonstration of the glue-up procedure as well as an explanation of the properties of liquid hide glues and hide glue from dried cow bits.  Here is a video of the glue up.  I did some editing because it was quite a long video, so if anyone from the class wants the original, let me know.  Others will just have to take a class with Chris.

And my box in the clamps, waiting for the glue to dry overnight.

We had a class dinner at Frank Pepe’s pizzeria, one of the expansion restaurants from the original in New Haven, this one off Buckland Hills rd in Manchester.  You might have had better pizza, but I haven’t.  The summer special pie, a fresh tomato, basil, and garlic, was intense and out of this world good.

The Schwarz blog post on our day, including our trip to Pepe’s.  I probably fall into the Godzilla dentistry dovetail personality.

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  1. Al (Thomas)

     /  August 14, 2011

    Joe, Watching the assembly video shows me how much further I have to go in fitting my dovetails!
    Mine were really tight, too tight, which lead to a little splenching (sp?) of the tails.
    I know what you mean about the rabbet – it’s great idea but it needs to be dead flat. And wouldn’t you know my rabbet plane arrived on Friday and waiting form me when I got home. Now I have to remember the set-up tricks that Chris showed you.
    Keep ’em coming – we will rock you.


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