Tool Cabinet, doors, pt2

I had a bit of a rail problem.  Two of my rails seemed to fight with the plow plane and decided they weren’t going groovy.  Or if they were, they were going to be Frank Sinatra groovy.  Yeah, stupid rail, you did it your way.  Off to the scrap bin with you!

So I created a couple more new rails from a practice piece I had from a class at CVSW.  First I ripped them with the bandsaw, so the rails were quarter-sawn.  I put both these new rails at the top of the two doors.  They grooved well.  I then cut my first tenons on one of the rails.  Looking at the resultant tenon, I knew I couldn’t use a regular mortise because if I cut them down any more, they would be pretty small.  So I changed tactics and thought I could try a bridle joint, which I’ve never actually cut before.  Here I am marking the extent of the bridle using the actual tenons.

I cut the cheeks of the bridle joint using my rip back saw (an LN tenon saw).

I used my fret saw, similar to cutting out the waste in pins for dovetails.  I then cleaned up the joint with my mortise chisel, and had a few areas on the cheeks with my regular bench chisel.  Here’s what it looked like right after the fret saw work.

And the joint together.  The tenon is about 1/2″ longer than needed, and I’ll cut it down to size after the glue-up.  Speaking of which I think I will try drawboring this joint to make the glue-up easier.

And the first door ready for the panel to be cut to size.

I didn’t quite get as much done today as I wanted, but I am pretty happy with the results of the work so far.  While I haven’t posted about it yet, the base is about half-way completed.

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