Tool Cabinet, doors, complete

I finished the doors today, well mostly.  I still have to cut down the horns and figure out the knob situation.  Here’s a few shots of them with a single coat of boiled linseed oil on them.  The panels are quarter-inch baltic birch ply as is the back of the cabinet.  I wasn’t sure how it would look with the cherry, but I think it complements it pretty well.  The two panels are cut from the same original panel and have just a single panel saw (and a bit of hand plane shavings) difference between the grain lines.

And opened up with the shelf and back.  you can see the unfinished wood on the back.  I’ll put some BLO on that after flush trim the horns (I finally ordered a flush-trim saw).  I think I am probably just going to use BLO and wax on this as that is easily renewable.

And in case you were wondering, this is what the original door looked like.  I like the panel, and will likely dismantle this door and use it someplace else.  Waterlox original on the panel and a some mix of milk paint on the frame.  I can’t recall what the colors were.  Half blue/half black maybe.

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