Tool Cabinet, complete

There was another Spicer’s tool auction today, but I decided I need to get some more woodworking done with the tools I already have, so got to work this morning.  I did some shop things–making octagonal oak handles for my saw files, doing some wooden plane fettling for my new and old purchases.  A Mathieson foreplane ended up being the best result of that work–it took some surprisingly wispy shavings despite its gaping maw.  I could probably stuff a decent pastrami sandwich in there.

After that I started with purging some hardware blues and taking my time installing the hinges.  Ditching the screws that came with the hinges was step #1.  I used some slotted steel screws, #5, and drilled pilot holes with my Millers Fall eggbeater.  I forget what size pilot hole I used.  On the doors I installed the hinges without mortises and put double depth mortises on the case.  I took my time.  I used my router plane for final depth adjustment.  They turned out pretty good, though still not perfect.

For the handles I had originally thought I would use some rosewood off-cuts from a guitar fingerboard, but had some nice handles that I had bought a year or two ago, and all they took was a single drill hole.  I put a couple very thing coats of Waterlox original on the base and rails and stiles on the doors (I left the panels with just BLO).  The base is from the same stock as the top molding (which was installed a while ago), so I’m pretty sure it will age to be about the same color.  The stiles and bottom rails are from a very old piece of cherry that my dad in his stock from years and years ago.  The top rails are from the same stock as the base.

I also found a new use for the moxon vise: impromptu saw filing vise.  I used a big piece of 8/4 Poplar for the backing portion and a piece of white oak.  I just used some clamps to hold the saw in place.  Worked pretty well, though I have nothing to compare it with.  No weird sounds or rattling and the teeth were very close to eye-height so I didn’t have to bend over too much.

I took all summer off from guitar making, but my next project is going to be a hollow body guitar, with an archtop.  I’m probably not going to be bending wood, but will excavate a regular solid-body.

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  1. Chris Adkins

     /  October 13, 2011

    Awesome looking tool cabinet! How is the inside layout?

  2. Thanks for the compliment and question Chris. On further reflection, I think my repurposed cabinet (it was originally going to be a medicine cabinet) will be repurposed yet again. It is a little too small for organizing tools, but it fits CDs perfectly. I only had a single, fixed shelf about 3/4 of the way up–you can see that in a pic on a previous post (

    But, I think it gives me a nice design that I can scale up and make into a better tool organizing space. I’d probably change a few things though, like the top molding, and perhaps make the doors differently so that they could hold some small tools as well.


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