LN hand tool event and snow don’t mix (for me)

Darn, a Lie-Nielsen hand tool event tomorrow is going to run into a Nor’easter. Despite growing up here in Connecticut, I got wimpified after living in California for years and years. Now I have a snow allergy. I was planning on going and taking lots of pictures. Well, some pictures. Ok, maybe just enough pictures to share on the blog (in between debit card swipes). Why does Spaulding from Caddy Shack spring to mind? “I’ll take a rabbet plane. No, I want a shoulder plane. Maybe a panel saw. No a spokeshave” You’ll get nothing and like it!

I’m burrowing into my (hand tool) shop and not venturing out tomorrow. Six to ten inches of snow with all the leaves on the trees? Power outage central. [Cliff Clavin voice] Little known fact, plane shavings make great kindling. [Safety Pup voice] *Poof* they fire up frighteningly fast, so be careful with those oily rags in a hand tool shop.

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  1. Many people in the state lost power–we had flickering lights and the power went on and off about six times, but it we never lost it for more than 30 secs or so. Sunday was “clean up the large, downed branches” day. An early start on firewood for next winter. It was the most snowfall in October since before the US Civil War (1861-65 for any non-US readers), though locally we only got about 4 inches (~10 cm). Some places in the state have almost 20 inches (~50 cm) and with most of the leaves still on the trees, that resulted in many trees and branches down.


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