CT Valley School of Woodworking, Open House 2013

As you might expect, I had nothing to exhibit this year at the annual Open House. But I did go and had a good time, running into old friends and teachers, all very cheerful. Another bonus–they tied it together with a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event. Yes, I ordered some goodies (plane floats), plus got an eyeful of great woodworking by other students. I also managed to take a number of photos with my newest hobby, B&W film photography. Yes, film. If I am willing to learn how to plane rough sawn stock down to be flat and true, surely I can learn how to take photographs without the aid of some engineer’s idea of how the world looks. So I brought my $10 Petri 7s rangefinder, loaded with some Ilford Delta 100, a handheld light meter, and snapped away. Then came home and got the chemicals measured and began developing. I did have to use the computer to scan in the negatives.

So be warned, many of my photos will be B&W from here on out, though I do have a nice digital camera and might shoot a few rolls of color (which is more difficult to home process). I’m sure, dear reader, you will forgive some of the imperfections that come home processed film. You also might see some camera projects in the future. Oh and hopefully my photos will improve as this blog continues on.

First some shots of the Lie-Nielsen demonstration areas and tools. As always, great folks demonstrating the tools and very helpful.




There were also demonstrators in attendance, and I tried getting a few pictures of Matt Bickford doing his molding plane demo, but it was tough with the layout of the inside demonstration area (there was a bit of rain threatening). Lots of turning demonstrations and I suspect I will be taking a few turning classes this Fall.







I got a few so-so shots of student or instructor work. It is not the best place to take nice furniture photos, with the lighting and somewhat cramped exhibition area.





Leaning cabinet of Krenov-inspiration…well ok, I snapped this one a little too quick without getting the camera in perfect ‘portrait’ orientation. I believe Mike Pekovich taught this class and it might even be his piece. I forgot to note who made this piece.

A few overview shots, with Mike Pekovich from FWW and Matt Bickford (background) author of “Moldings in Practice” and overall nice guy.



So a great way to re-introduce myself to woodworking, and such a valuable resource to have within an easy drive from my house.


Been away, hope to be back

I lost my mom about a year and half ago, my dad before that, and while I sort of soldiered on doing many things I enjoyed prior to her passing, about a year ago I just stepped away from woodworking, blogging and basically all my old hobbies. But today I went to my local woodworking school’s open house and hope to be back blogging again, first with a report from the open house and then with either class reports or projects.

I ordered some plane making floats from LN, and a while ago got a big slab of beech from Matt Bickford (which had too many imperfections for his incredible planes, but which are great stock for work-a-day home made planes), so that might be a future project. I also spent a good deal of time watching the turning demonstrations.