Been away, hope to be back

I lost my mom about a year and half ago, my dad before that, and while I sort of soldiered on doing many things I enjoyed prior to her passing, about a year ago I just stepped away from woodworking, blogging and basically all my old hobbies. But today I went to my local woodworking school’s open house and hope to be back blogging again, first with a report from the open house and then with either class reports or projects.

I ordered some plane making floats from LN, and a while ago got a big slab of beech from Matt Bickford (which had too many imperfections for his incredible planes, but which are great stock for work-a-day home made planes), so that might be a future project. I also spent a good deal of time watching the turning demonstrations.

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  1. Joe – It was great to see you today – and also nice to see your post tonight. Look forward to seeing you around perhaps we’ll be in another class together making shavings.

  2. Glad to see you back!

  3. Thanks Al and Marilyn.

    Great to see you too Al, hopefully we both take some classes together in the future. You’ll have to send some pics of that 6-board chest you made with The Schwarz.

  4. Glad to hear you are back, and hope the “new you” is able to find joy again in this work. I can’t relate directly, but can understand why stepping away from something even if it is something we have loved for a while can make sense when enduring great tragedies. Welcome back, you’ll likely find a few new things and surely the same encouraging community ready to lend support.

  5. Freddy Roman

     /  September 22, 2013


    Happy to see that you are back and doing well. I commend you for having the strength to comeback in less of year. I can’t imagine… Uggggh. Good Luck.


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