Hardware Installation Blues

I’m not sure what it is about installing hardware, but if something is going to result in a project failure, that is usually it. Finishing, not a big deal, I can make things look pretty nice. Joinery is getting better (M&T seem to be easiest for me). But installing a six butt hinges on two doors so that everything aligns perfectly, with an even gap? Ay Carumba. Maybe it is because every article seems to leave hardware installation to a sentence or two-“”Finally, install your hinges and catches and enjoy your new Hepplewhite Secretary in a weekend (with biscuits and gravy)”. Same with classes. “Well, we’ve run out of time, so go home, finish sand, apply your finish and install your hardware.” There are whole books and video series on finishing, so if you can’t figure that out with practice, you just aren’t trying IMO. Installing hardware other than locks? I’ve seen very few that were well done.

Maybe I need to buy 20 hinges and just practice installing them on random pieces of furniture throughout the house.  “Yes, I think we do need a salt-box toilet tissue dispenser.”


Everyday practice

Do you ever find your self slicing a loaf of bread (yes, I sometimes bake my own) and trying to hit an imaginary ‘line’ like you were sawing a dovetail? I do. Sawing practice doesn’t have to involve wood. Tomatoes, carrots, celery, what ever is for dinner.

Just watch how you cut the cheese.

Any examples you run into in your daily life?