Spring Pole video

I’ll post a report on the Spring Pole class at the Woodwright’s School sometime this week, but in the meantime I have a video I shot of Roy turning on another student’s lathe.  His was the first completed, just before lunch on Friday.  I got mine buttoned up after lunch though I have to do a bit of fiddling with it–my toolrest is a bit sloped to one side and the toolrest hold-down needs some fixing because it is a pain to get tight enough.

I did some turning this morning and afternoon and I like the action.  We’ll see if I wake up with leg cramps tonight or not.

And another video of Roy, turning on his original lathe.



Just a preview of the upcoming class, which I’ll take notes and photos and post about next week. Typing on my iPhone is gonna drive me crazy.


Picture Frame

With a slightly better camera and natural lighting, I got some better photos of the picture frame.  The close-up is of the critical miter where the near and far end of the molding meet.  A few small issues I’ll need to  fix before putting a finish on it.  I find myself walking around the house, looking at all my picture frames.  “That one looks simple.  Ah, I could do that one if I got some banding and was very careful with the rabbet.”  I think I have some Christmas presents planned out already, and if I get them done before summer finishes, it will be yet another woodworking resolution done and out of the way.